Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The struggles of recovery

When I first returned from hospital I was full of excitement for life, determined to stay on a focused path to recovery. Mentally I am still there but its taking too long and following an unsatisfactory visit to my inefficient GP I feel a bit lost. Its dangerous to search the internet for answers but netdoctor is rapidly becoming my new support system.

I want to hear other peoples experiences, but often people only post the bad stories on the net so I doubt I would get much of a balanced view.

3 weeks ago today I was sent home I am much improved but stuggling to return to normal duties, everything knocks me back and begs the question is it too much too soon?

How much longer should I expect to be hampered by my ilness?

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  1. Everyone's different, and will react to the same illness differently. You were in hospital - that's pretty serious, and it's not going to be like getting over just another cold. If what you do today knocks you back, then it probably is too much too soon. Don't try to force your body to do to what it "should" do - listen to it. It must be really frustrating but just do a little at a time and take care of yourself. xx