Sunday, 17 July 2011

Need a thing?

Well folks I have settled rather nicely into my new way of eating. Up to 25 lbs lost and I am delighted. It's almost becoming unimportant how much I lose although there are some important milestones, because I honestly think I eat eat like this for life. It's such a healthy approach to food and I am no longer locked in a battle against my mind.

The only downside is that my focus was to lose weight and get well, and I have managed both, I feel so healthy now, I am not claiming to be fit I am sure that will come but I am feeling better than I have since 2009 when I started getting sick all the time.

With this unexpected ticking of goals I have a new quest... I gotta find a thing! My thing was food and now I need a new thing.

Can't get out much with an elderly terminally ill pet to care for so that makes it tougher. But I am exploring the possibilities to find my thing, when I discover it I will let you know.