Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day One - Where do I start?

I am beginning a journey, at the grand old age of 44  - I have finally woken up to myself and with the help of a recent scare, I am starting a new phase in my life.

You see I am a good person, kind and thoughtful, will do anything for just about anyone but when it comes to me .... pretty much zilch. I am so far down my list of priorities that I guess I am lucky to have gotten to the ripe old age of 44 without serious problems.

Anyway 2010 wasnt a great year for me health wise, it began with Laryngitis, lots of referalls to specialists, new meds new meds and more new meds, I began to rattle! I got fed up and started doing less and less (which wasnt much of a change as I did very little anyway). My work means the world to me and I always made sure I had energy for that but everything else got lost along the way.

As I settled in to this sedentary life I had carved myself, little did I know how dangerously close I would get to slipping away completely.

You see hard work, late nights, poor diet, little exercise, and isolation do not contribute to a robust constitution and by late November 2010 a nasty little virus had entered my body and was silently working its way into my respiratory system.

I was ill, so ill I couldn't go to work and believe me that's ill! 3 trips to the doctors resulted in back to back anti biotics and doctors notes but I wasnt getting any better.

In early December a GP got close to solving the mystery, my oxygen levels were 88% I had a temperature 38.5, I was coughing up blood, so off the the local hospital I was sent where a bed was waiting. A bed I refused to get into! Silly me! Possible Pulmonary Embolism was diagnosed and more anti biotics prescribed. I went home same day and continued my quest to combat the chest infection I thought I had. I sat around surrounded by over the counter remedies and spent days going through the cycle of tablets, inhalers, nasal sprays, throat sprays, painklillers, anti biotics, and throat sweets.

But I wasnt getting better I was getting worse.

In the early hours of 27th December after the worst Christmas on record (and there have been a few) I was rushed to A&E with breathing problems, due to the bank holiday it took several days to diagnose Swine Flu and Double Pneumonia!

I spent 10 days in hospital in isolation ITU and there were times when I didnt think I would make it, I didnt respond well to the drugs they gave me and my poor old lungs were not filtering properly.

But here I am back at home pretty weak but on the mend. My mind is full of thoughts and plans but my poor little body needs time to catch up.

This blog will follow me through my journey to get back to my health levels prior to the assasination attempt and then onwards to a new level never seen before in my lifetime. I am not setting unrealistic goals, just planning on living healthily and managing to treck up the odd North Devon Sand Dune sometime in 2011.

If I havent bored you stiff with my first longwinded update feel free to join me on my journey :)

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