Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Slow Cookers and Vegetables as promised

Today I have created another stonking Stew, it smells delish and I do believe I am becoming a master of the slow cooked meat. This is much to the distress of my covenience food loving man who likes his food visibly separate on his plate. I have watched him try and dissect and separate the meat from the veg not without a little guilt, but you see deep down I know I am helping him improve his poor diet whether he enjoys it or not.

Stuart is a rare being, he has often said if there was a pill he could take that would prevent the need for eating he would take it. I have also witnessed the alien behaviour of pushing away a plate with food on because 'he has run out of potato!' what is that about????

I am in complete contrast, I cannot leave food that I am enjoying and it has taken a while to realise I need to put myself less. Is it normal for a woman at least a foot smaller than her super fit man, to have just the same on her plate??? I dont think so.

So its now my job the right the wrongs in our eating behaviour and set us on the right track.

I am up against it, I love chips, Stu loves chips!
But I am committed to the cause and I am going to try some recipes in my beloved slow cooker which dont mix veg, I have a fancy to slow roast a whole chicken and also want to try shredded pork.

I will then begin a quest to improve my vegetable consumption with the help of my trusty steamer, though I can guarantee broad beans are not on the menu EVER EVER EVER YUK!

Watch this space I am sure I will report back soon.

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