Saturday, 27 August 2011

35lbs off now !!!

Delighted with my progress, which is slow and steady bit like me :)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Need a thing?

Well folks I have settled rather nicely into my new way of eating. Up to 25 lbs lost and I am delighted. It's almost becoming unimportant how much I lose although there are some important milestones, because I honestly think I eat eat like this for life. It's such a healthy approach to food and I am no longer locked in a battle against my mind.

The only downside is that my focus was to lose weight and get well, and I have managed both, I feel so healthy now, I am not claiming to be fit I am sure that will come but I am feeling better than I have since 2009 when I started getting sick all the time.

With this unexpected ticking of goals I have a new quest... I gotta find a thing! My thing was food and now I need a new thing.

Can't get out much with an elderly terminally ill pet to care for so that makes it tougher. But I am exploring the possibilities to find my thing, when I discover it I will let you know.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


6 weeks in and I have lost 18lb! But more importantly I feel wonderful. I don't think I truly appreciated how ill my poor diet was making me feel until now. I was tired but not going to bed very early, probably due to the amount of full fat cola I drank! I was very sluggish in the morning, my body tired from trying to digest processed carbs when it really should be in rest mode. I had no energy which I put down to my size. And most of all I would wake up every day hating myself, feeling weak and a failure because I couldnt do what was necessary to address my weight.

I can honestly say that is all behind me now, I have stuck to this plan rigidly for 6 weeks now and I haven't craved or caved not even once.

I do not eat refined or processed foods, instead opting for made from scratch meals consisting of a balance of meat and veg ( no carbs).

I have tried to introduce fruit to my diet twice but it makes me gain weight, it appears that all that Tropicana Orange Juice I was guzzling wasn't giving me a Vit C boost it was making me addicted to sugar. Who would have thought it eh?

No more, I follow a Harcombe Friendly regime and I am never hungry, I no longer have to take Omeprazole for indigestion, that was the processed carbs causing me grief not the fats in foods!

For the first time in my life I honestly think I will achieve a size revolution. Maybe this time next ear I will be within a healthy BMI and bankrupting myself buying new clothes in a smaller size.

It's early days to say it's changed my life but it has all the markings of doing so and that makes me a happy bunny.

Off now to cook my roast beef dinner yum yum bloody yum!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Well that didn't last long but there is good news!

I tried, I really did, but calorie controlled diets just don't work for me, I am a bit of an all or nothing person, either I eat without restriction, rebelling against all the health advocates who hold back on that extra biscuit, or I can follow a strict plan for a short while, always knowing that eventually I will be able to eat nice things again one day.

This yo yo behaviour has led me to lose a fair bit of weight over the years but has also led me to gain a lot more. My doc said I don't have trouble losing weight I have trouble keeping it off.

Anyway my last attempt resulted in an emotional crash, I can't stick to a diet, there I said it, I am ashamed but where I can be focused and disciplined in other areas my eating I can never gain control of. Yes I love my food, but this runs much deeper than that, food is my medication and I am addicted, I can't stop and I totally understand how people become incapacitated by it. The illness I have suffered recently although not due to my weight has put me in a weak state and mentally food has been my crutch. I wish I could find an alternative to food to keep me upbeat but so far I haven't.

Recently it led me to buy a couple of books about Overeating, I am keen to understand the dysfunctional way I view food. My pals will vouch that when they come to tea they enjoy a delightful selection of goodies, if we go out food will feature, when on holiday the dirty great fry up starts they day and hot chocolate while the sun sets ends it. Everything to be enjoyed involves eating too!

Anyway back to the books! God they were dull, they didn't even relate to me, I don't feel guilty whe I eat, I am not bothered if my bum looks big in this, I am flattered when people tell me how attractive I am for a large person, I bloody know that I like a bit of fat myself but not as much as I have got!

So I ditched the books and started to think that dieting would be the only answer, then I fell upon a new diet I hadn't encountered before called the Harcombe Diet.

Reading Zoe Harcombes book has been a bit of a revelation, I honestly think I need to stop blaming myself for my current demise, it appears that years of dieting 35 years to be precise have made me addicted to sugar and carbs, my recent ill heath and under active thyroid have led me to suffer from Candida and this is where my real problems lie. Every time I just cut down on my sugar and carb intake my body boes mad craving it more and more, so the new eating addresses this kills the Candida and promises to become a new way of eating.

I have only completed 4 days so far but my experience is true to the book. I feel determined and focused and hope that it is going to work for me. I haven't felt this determined in years. I am excited at the prospect of wellness and strength which will return to my body.

I look forward to the days when this blog is about more than just dieting and have hope for the first time that this is achievable.

Watch this space guys xxx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Do as I should not what I like!

Tomorrow I start a new way of living, it goes against all the principles of my life so far but I am willing to try it for a while.
It's called 'Do as I should, not Do as I like!' and it has some rules something I am not good with.

1. Early to bed, in bed before 11pm on a weeknight.
2. Food is not my friend, eat to live not live to eat, in moderation and only for fuel not pleasure ( think this will be very hard!)
3. Water is nicer than pop and all the body needs to hydrate so should be the only source of fluid when thirsty.
4. Minimum 30 mins walking every day rain or shine
5. Get up at 7am and change morning routine to allow for leisurely breakfast before work.
6. Learn to like fruit
7. Plan meals in advance as you know it will be hard cooking 2 different dinners but get on with it.
8. Remember food does not make you happy in the long term.
9. Try at least to like yourself as much as everyone else does they can't ALL be wrong.
10. Write in your Food and Exercise Diary daily and look out for your buddy.

See my motto is life is too short but keep on going like this an life sure will be too short!

I am a right rebel, I hate being disciplined, look on it as a bad thing, why ? who knows but it's the main reason for my self destructive behaviour, I will try and adjust my bad attitude to allow me to make some headway into a healthier lifestyle.

watch this space!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gutted :(

OK it's not so funny any more. This flippin illness is a bind. I wanted a back massage so badly, so decided to consult with a complementary therapist and book one, guess what, she won't touch me with a barge pole :( apparently it's dangerous as I may unleash untold amounts of nasty toxins to run riot around my body.


So back to mr GP (oops he isn't a mr is he it's dr.) never mind I just have to get to the bottom of my poorly pain in the right side get it fixed then I can get some massage on it.

Professional peeps keep telling me it will take months, by the time I am physically better I will be a loopy woman with numerous emotional tics and compulsions as well as a fat arse ( yes even fatter) from sitting around healing!