Sunday, 26 June 2011


6 weeks in and I have lost 18lb! But more importantly I feel wonderful. I don't think I truly appreciated how ill my poor diet was making me feel until now. I was tired but not going to bed very early, probably due to the amount of full fat cola I drank! I was very sluggish in the morning, my body tired from trying to digest processed carbs when it really should be in rest mode. I had no energy which I put down to my size. And most of all I would wake up every day hating myself, feeling weak and a failure because I couldnt do what was necessary to address my weight.

I can honestly say that is all behind me now, I have stuck to this plan rigidly for 6 weeks now and I haven't craved or caved not even once.

I do not eat refined or processed foods, instead opting for made from scratch meals consisting of a balance of meat and veg ( no carbs).

I have tried to introduce fruit to my diet twice but it makes me gain weight, it appears that all that Tropicana Orange Juice I was guzzling wasn't giving me a Vit C boost it was making me addicted to sugar. Who would have thought it eh?

No more, I follow a Harcombe Friendly regime and I am never hungry, I no longer have to take Omeprazole for indigestion, that was the processed carbs causing me grief not the fats in foods!

For the first time in my life I honestly think I will achieve a size revolution. Maybe this time next ear I will be within a healthy BMI and bankrupting myself buying new clothes in a smaller size.

It's early days to say it's changed my life but it has all the markings of doing so and that makes me a happy bunny.

Off now to cook my roast beef dinner yum yum bloody yum!