Sunday, 30 January 2011

If I think it, it will happen?

I never considered myself imptient, I dont cheat, I am happy to bide my time, but this getting better malarkey its starting to bug me.

I have been dead good, honest! Rest up the doc said, I have rested up. Dont overdo it my Dad said, I havent, ignoring a bit of dust and the odd bit of ironing. Listen to your body my mates tell me, well I have and it aint saying much. Anyhoo, I love my job though I am informed its pretty shit there at the moment, I desparately want to get back to normal. I honestly cant imagine being back in the routine of 6.45 am get up, 45 min drive to work, 10 min treck into office, back to back meetings another 10 min trek up hill 45 min drive home then all the other things I used to do. It may not sound much to a well person but its a mountain to me. But just how long should I expect to sit tight waiting for my strength to reappear?

I am off to the hospital tomorrow as I have been having some niggly problems with breathing and a pain in my right side, I cant trust my GP any more so I am going to rock up at A&E like they told me to. Hopefully they can put my mind at rest and reassure me I am recovering ok and there is no lasting damage to my lungs.

What I need is to start to be able to make some plans set some goals and start living again.

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