Sunday, 3 April 2011

Do as I should not what I like!

Tomorrow I start a new way of living, it goes against all the principles of my life so far but I am willing to try it for a while.
It's called 'Do as I should, not Do as I like!' and it has some rules something I am not good with.

1. Early to bed, in bed before 11pm on a weeknight.
2. Food is not my friend, eat to live not live to eat, in moderation and only for fuel not pleasure ( think this will be very hard!)
3. Water is nicer than pop and all the body needs to hydrate so should be the only source of fluid when thirsty.
4. Minimum 30 mins walking every day rain or shine
5. Get up at 7am and change morning routine to allow for leisurely breakfast before work.
6. Learn to like fruit
7. Plan meals in advance as you know it will be hard cooking 2 different dinners but get on with it.
8. Remember food does not make you happy in the long term.
9. Try at least to like yourself as much as everyone else does they can't ALL be wrong.
10. Write in your Food and Exercise Diary daily and look out for your buddy.

See my motto is life is too short but keep on going like this an life sure will be too short!

I am a right rebel, I hate being disciplined, look on it as a bad thing, why ? who knows but it's the main reason for my self destructive behaviour, I will try and adjust my bad attitude to allow me to make some headway into a healthier lifestyle.

watch this space!

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