Saturday, 27 August 2011

35lbs off now !!!

Delighted with my progress, which is slow and steady bit like me :)


  1. 35lbs????? That is absolutely MENTAL, well done. Has it been really limiting what you can eat? I dont eat red meat and not sure i could do it!!! Fantastic tho"if you have time to rply i am Huxley from WLR!!!!!!

  2. Hey, not at all limiting, going through the first phase removes all of those cravings for rubbish, I have been very focused and plan ahead so I don't get caught out.Eating out as been easy with most curry's being ok or car very, Ceasar salads or steaks. I do eat a fair bit of red meat but that is by choice, you can easily follow the plan with chicken and fish or vegetarian options, Zoe Harcombe who wrote the book is veggie. I have Natural LiveYoghurt for brekkie, cheese salad or ham salad for lunch, then something like rib eye steak and veg for dinner. I have discovered new veg, loving cumin baked cauliflower at the moment, I have a tomato and onion salsa with most dinners and a little aioli. I have discovered I am Lactose intolerant so use Lactofree in decaff coffee and drink tonnes of peppermint tea. the best thing is that it doesn't feel like a diet I honestly think I will always eat ths way. I have also stopped taking Propanalol for headaches and Omeprazole for indigestion all symptoms have gone!

    I feel so well and wish I had discovered this way f eating years ago.


  3. You are on fire!!!! Its really fantastic when you can find what works for you and is sustainable for the long term. I have read the book now just need to get my head straight and go for it :-)